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5 Tips On How To Guarantee Your CV Gets Noticed!

This article will tell you how to stand out in any industry with a great CV. We'll go through some tips you can incorporate into your CV to ensure you get noticed and are on your way to the job of your dreams!


- Recruiters are to busy to go through every single word on your CV and simply putting it, they aren't interested in how many dogs you've got and what participation medal you got in college. Keep it real and keep it about you. All recruiters want to know is, will you be the right fit for the role and how much value you can bring!

Secondly, Know your worth!

- If you think you can bring more value to a position, then make sure you list it on your CV. This can be under any extra skills on your CV. Recruiters not only want to know if you can do the job, but also if you're adaptable and if you can go out of your comfort zone with ease!

Thirdly, Only put relevant experience in your CV.

- Someone who's recruiting for a job in administration doesn't care much about your work experience in the local corner shop you did when you were 15. Unless you can show transferrable skills, it shouldn't be on your CV. You'd rather show high quality experience than look like a busy fool! The best way to do this is understand the job role your applying for and tailor your experience to suit the job role.

Fourthly, Look at CV examples online!

- One of the best things to do is look at existing CV examples online. There are plenty of great tools and you can see how CVs should looks for the jobs you're applying for. Just make sure you follow the guidelines and structure and keep in mind, you want it to be easy to read and easy for recruiters to find what they're looking for!

Finally, BE YOU!

- Find ways to stand out on your CV. Of course, you have still remain professional but that doesn't mean you have to be like everyone else. The mistakes a lot of people make both on their CV and in interviews are that, they try to be somebody else and that really comes across. The best thing you can do is be you! Know your self-worth and know your values. It really comes across when you have a genuine passion and its visible when you're being you and believing what you're putting on your CV.

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